Riding the Waves of Change

The Cycles of Nature

The only constant in life is change. ~ Heraclitus

Did life seem simpler when you were younger? Was it easier to keep up with what is happening in the world?

The rate of change is changing. It is speeding up.

There are more scientists, inventors and creatives than ever before. And all of those folks have far more access to computers, libraries, published works and the like. Change is here to stay.

Sometimes change(s) are tough to take. The loss of a loved one. A divorce. An incapacitating injury. These are individual changes. Changes in one’s life. There are also collective changes. Changes that we all experience. 2020 brought so much change to all of us. Life-changing changes, to billions of people. Overwhelming millions of people.

Don’t let go of the rudder.

We can easily be overwhelmed with the chaos that is happening outside of our lives. Even to the point of wanting to check out, to end it all.

But there is another perspective that is active here. That is the perspective of your soul.

You cannot die. Well, yes, your human can die. But the essence of you is timeless. You are safe from human intentions. No matter how “bad” the world gets, you are safe. Well, the essence of you is safe. There is a whole arena of information about this safety. There have been millions of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). Where people have died, gone to the other side, and then returned to their lives, often changed to the depths of their core. Then there is past life regression. For myself, this was the first arena I investigated. Having been raised in a staunch Christian household, past life regression was a woo-woo topic. Not intended for “serious” church members. Perhaps even labeled as the works of the devil.

It was my birthday present to myself. I found a past life regressionist, and signed up for a session. And thank God she was patient. It took me a while, but then it happened. And what happened next really changed how I looked at my life. In my first past life regression, I found myself on a large ship, in the middle of the ocean at night. During a hurricane or very powerful storm. The ship was like those of the Christopher Columbus era. The majority of the passengers were in the ocean drowning, and here comes my wave, and whoosh, I am in the ocean too. And I can feel myself drowning as well. (I know, not exactly comforting.)

But, here I am. Here “I” am. My soul, the very same soul that stood on that boat, in the middle of the storm, is here now. Without a scratch. I am safe. You are safe. We are safe. At least from the soul level. “Do not be afraid.” ~ Bible

So you are living in the most dynamic time in perhaps the history of history. With so much change going on, THIS is the lifetime of lifetimes. This is the lifetime to, perhaps, engage in what is happening, perhaps more than any other lifetime. I am not telling you how to engage your life, that is not my rodeo. But I am saying, do not be overwhelmed by all the change that is going on. Your soul saw all of this coming, and chose you, and your lifetime, this lifetime, to participate in the great transformation of Earth.

You have a part in it all. You have your role. Your soul chose this for you before you were even born. Pay attention to the impulses and visions that your soul is showing you during this great era of change. This lifetime is like no other. This lifetime affords you an opportunity that will most likely not come along again.

Why are you here? What is your part in it all? Do that!

You got this!

Love You!



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