being here now


Riding the Waves of Change The Cycles of Nature The only constant in life is change. ~ Heraclitus Did life seem simpler when you were younger? Was it easier to keep up with what is happening in the world? The rate of change is changing. It is speeding up. There are more scientists, inventors and creatives than ever before. And all of those folks have far more access to computers, libraries, published works and the like. Change is here to stay. Sometimes change(s) are tough to take. The loss of a loved one. A divorce. An incapacitating injury. These are individual changes. Changes in one’s life. There are also collective changes. Changes that we all experience. 2020 brought so much change to all of us. Life-changing changes, to billions of people. Overwhelming millions of people. Don’t let go of the rudder. We can easily be overwhelmed with the chaos that…