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The Grace of Love

The Universe is One. There is no separation. All seeming divisions exist only in the minds of men and women. The real gift behind that is your own Personal Freedom. As you raise your consciousness, you are able to embody Love more completely. As Rumi has said: 

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Let Your Soul Drive

We are living in a most incredible time of Human Consciousness. One that holds oh so much opportunity for a single lifetime to express. And this rare opportunity will not be available again for thousands of years at best. And we are here now, with it within

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Return to Balance

The collective story we are living now doesn’t truly honor us. The path we have taken collectively has left us feeling disconnected from our true potential. So much of our culture is framed around the masculine aspect of ourselves. The framework of our society has built values

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Big Love

When you look at just how far humanity has gone into the darkness, it can make you wonder if “God” really loves us. Just how many millions of prayers have been asked for the end of suffering? When the idea of war is allowed to play out

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Honoring Your Truth

Honoring your truth is the best gift you can give yourself and others. It isn’t modelled very well in the media. And institutions as a whole do not embrace it. Yet there is immense freedom and raw power in honoring who you are. To honor who you

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