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Living a life of satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness

To honor our own expansive potential, and to actually take the path of satisfying our life purpose, is to feel happiness in each day. In order to live our potential, our Heart and Soul need to have influence in our everyday thoughts, feelings and actions. What does being authentic look like for you? Get clear about that, and develop habits that move you closer to that. You will then feel more and more fulfilled and satisfied in your everyday life.

At New Human Living we help you discover the unlimited potential to which your Heart and Soul can guide you. This potential is within you now. When you make the time to get better about honoring that, you grow who you are. In a most authentic way. You are a soul living out this human experience. Trusting your potential and purifying your personal energy persona aligns you with your true authentic power.

For many of us, we spend the vast majority of or day living in our ego. Our mind is where we spend most of our consciousness, constantly repeating patterns and habits, day in and day out. But until our Heart and Soul have regular and effective input in our everyday life, we tend to play it safe and allow our ego to decide what we actually think, feel and do.

Enter karma. Karma is the mental and emotional patterning in our everyday life. Patterning that votes for more of the same, and keeps the inspiration of our heart and soul from showing up as actions in our daily life. However, with practice, we can teach our ego the raw value of what our Heart and Soul intend for our life. We can teach our ego to value honoring the inspiration of our Heart and Soul. And then the direction of our life changes and unfolds, for the better. We start to move into more alignment with who we truly are.

When you can honor the inspiration of your Heart and Soul, in an everyday way, your life opens up. You always have more to discover about yourself. You always have more choices and options.

Trust in your purpose. Ignite your passion. Live in your authentic power fulfilling the vision of your soul. Pure Authentic You!

Pure Authentic You!

Citizen King: The New Age of Power


Les Jensen, founder of New Human Living and host of the New Human Living Radio show, has published his latest book. Citizen King: The New Age of Power Read more…

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Trust Your Intuition. Expand Your Flow. Find Peace in Your Heart.

We all have more potential to discover. We all have a purpose here on Earth. We all have more power to refine and master. When we honor that, we gain a deep sense of satisfaction in our everyday lives. Each one of us has more power to discover about ourselves, for we are all souls who are living out this human experience. Before you were even born your soul had a vision of what your life could be. To honor that vision, and connect with your own authentic power, is to fulfill your life in an exciting and adventurous way. Pure Authentic You!

New Human Living is about you awakening to your own authentic potential. All of us have more to discover within ourselves. New Human Living helps you focus on bringing your own authentic power into effect in your everyday life. Benefits of this power include:

  • Reduce confusion and stress
  • Gain an improved mental focus
  • Expand and fulfill your life purpose
  • Receive clarity on your life dreams
  • Understand and cleanse your karma
  • Feel a genuine sense of peace every day
  • Perform at the level your soul knows you can
  • Raise your vibration and increase your inspiration

When you develop a deeper connection with your intuition and sense of self, you can trust that your life will begin to bring a deeper and more genuine sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

When you honor your potential and take actions on your inspiration, you grow who you are, every single day, bringing a sense of your own life being fulfilled. To purify your own personal energy, you align yourself with your own higher wisdom, connecting with your soul’s vision of what your life can truly be.

Where do I start?

The only difference between you and any sage, mystic or prophet is your karma. You surrender your power as you accumulate your karma. Learn how to change that. Learn how to restore your power and cleanse your karma. Personal Power Fundamentals is a book that teaches the fundamentals of how we take on karma, as well as what we can do to release our karma. Check out a few samples from the book. You can get your copy in the on-line store. Click here.


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