We have a Winner!!!

The winner of the Third Annual New human Living Humanitarian Award is …

The Recla Family!


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picture of the Recla family

The Recla Family

In 2011, Justin and Tonya Dawn Recla, lifetime human potentialists and former counterintelligence special agents, embarked on the business world…and they brought their daughter. When she was two, Neva Lee Recla asked for her own business cards and business hasn’t been the same since. From the bestselling success of Neva’s book, When Pigs Fly: The Parent’s Guide to Inspire Your Young Entrepreneur, to the miraculous influence of the Superpower Network, ranked in the Top 1.5% of podcasts globally, the Reclas live life on purpose. Their organization, Super Power Experts, helps prepare individuals, couples, families and organizations for rapid, on-coming shifts in collective consciousness with their tested, proven and deeply inclusionary modality CEFA: Creative Energy Field Activation. Together they continue to inspire others to walk the world in consideration, respect, curiosity and love.

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