What You FOCUS On

Your Word is Your Wand

You are voting in every moment. You “vote” based on what you put your attention on. The process of creation is happening in every moment. You are always in the “creator” role. The clearer you are about what you want to create, the more power you have. Vague intentions create vague results.

There is an understanding, as far as “hijacking” human consciousness, that says if you can get the masses to believe it, it will surely be. Perhaps it is clearer to you, over the past few years, how there is a specific effort to control the collective narrative. So many folks are peddling their narrative, and want it to be taken on as THE narrative of the masses. And to have the opposite narratives discounted or even banned. The desire to be able to label a viewpoint as “dis-information” and thus get it banned. Regardless of which “side” of any narrative you believe, you are posturing with your reflections, and thus creating karma for yourself.

You are the creator incarnate. You are standing in front of a (quantum) mirror. In this universe we have free will. Fierce free will.

If you were to pick up a big thick book about mythology, you would see hundreds, if not thousands, of conflicting narratives or belief systems that have been held as truth(s) over the many, many generations of mankind. So which ones are true? It is done unto you as YOU believe. To each culture playing out a narrative, their experience is “real.” If they don’t sacrifice the virgin, their god will be angry. Or so they believe.

“You’ll see it when you believe it”. ~ Wayne Dyer

Jesus created food, to feed the masses, out of thin air. Instantaneous manifestation. Instantaneously changing his reflection of the quantum mirror.

The burning bush, a personification of God, said, “I Am That I Am.” And the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God) said “As It Is.” Both of these suggest no posturing … at all. The higher your consciousness, the less posturing with what is, there is. When we create a posture with our consciousness we are creating a standing wave of bias. We are creating a karmic momentum of sorts.

When a soul is first born, it has no human experience. That first incarnation is a curious situation. There is no desire(s) to speak of, as there are no experiences or preferences with anything. We need to experience life to know what we prefer from it. We need to learn, though trial and error, our preferences. We have spent so many centuries testing the waters, so to speak. We know the pain of war, of famine, of suffering. We know this from our experiences with it. We have gone through the learning curve. We could not have the clarity that we have without the experience of it. The why of it. Our egos took us into the polarity and the posturing with what is that brought about the technique of war, control and manipulation. Only to exhaust the will of humanity. The choice we have now is to focus on what we want. To focus on what will nurture us and sustain us. With clarity. And intent.

When you bring your attention to what you don’t want, and have an emotional reaction to it, you are anchoring it into your experience. To trigger your emotional buttons so to speak, is to keep you vested in the narrative regardless of whether you want it or not. That is why posturing with reality creates a karmic momentum of sorts. To see what you don’t prefer, and not emotionally charge it, is to be free of it. To become free of any one narrative is to heal your emotional posturing with it. Road rage doesn’t heal itself by continuously flaring up the emotions, keeping the reaction as part of the experience. But if you heal the suppressed emotions, there is nothing there to trigger.

Humanity has so many choices it can choose. But to be able to choose is to be able to see the choice(s). If we are to ban the perception of a choice, by banning a perspective, we are setting ourselves up for a very long learning curve. Countless cultures, over the centuries, have tried this technique. All which have failed eventually. That proverbial book of mythology holds the history of such techniques.

We always have free will. That is never-ending. You can change your mind now and now and now forever. But to create a lasting sense of Heaven on Earth, is to get clear and focused on what we truly want our future to look like. We do this by focusing our own consciousness, with clarity, on what we want our future to look like. Sure, there is a tsunami of opinions out there. Some are congruent with what you prefer, and some are not. It is the ones you focus on that decide what you will create.

Love You!



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