The Cadence of Your Karma

Where there is motion, there is change

Ka ka karma … it starts with … consciousness. Your consciousness.

So how are you doing? How do you feel about your life? You situation(s)? Your karma?

There is a momentum of sorts, embedded in the effect that karma has on our psyche. Where we are each having our own personal experience of karma. The mechanism or physics of karma is impersonal. Indifferent. Karma, like gravity, doesn’t really care how you experience it.

But karma has a realm, or spectrum, of possibilities. Possibilities of what you might experience, as far as your own personal experience of karma. In other words, you could look laterally at other people, who are experiencing a quite different karma. Where their life, as a karmic experience, is very different from yours.

When we first bump up against our karma, in a conscious way, we can see the momentum that karma brings into our life experiences.

Sometimes we can hear our karmic tendencies, in our own words spoken out of our own mouth. “I always attract losers.” “I always find myself left behind.” “Nobody ever appreciates my humor.”

It is done unto you as you believe. When you speak your beliefs, you are literally ordering off of the proverbial karmic menu.

But there is more to it than just the words you say … moment to moment. “I will win the lottery” … crickets. (You don’t win.)

There is a momentum to your karma. That momentum has a cadence to it. Is your karma improving, declining, or stagnant? At what rate, or cadence? If your karma is anchored in loss and failure, by karma’s very nature … you will get more of the same. Likewise, “I always find new opportunities and resources.” Again, once it is anchored in your karma … more of the same. More opportunities and resources come your way.

If it were a quick and easy thing to change the direction and cadence of your karma, humanity would have figured it out by now. But our karma is not so obvious. It is very common to have detrimental karmic tendencies span over many generations. On an individual basis, many people go their whole life and don’t really experience anything much different than one flavor of karma. The victim mentality is very common here. When one sees themselves as a victim, they will find endless experiences related to that karmic momentum.

As I do more and more energy work on folks, I am getting a clearer picture of the energy of karma. Our human consciousness is a logarithmic energy. Meaning it expands or contracts at an accelerated rate. Earthquakes are measured on a logarithmic scale. So, too, is our karma.

The momentum of our karma is established by the loading of our subconscious. If you think of a war vet, perhaps panhandling at a street corner, their psyche has been loaded up by PTSD. Someone who has been raised in a violent domestic household often has a loaded-up karmic momentum. It is the energy within our psyche that decides our karmic experience. That karmic energy is our own consciousness, that has been pushed into our subconscious. Road rage is a good example of this. Here comes a trigger, and whoosh, a huge amount of emotional energy comes pouring out of their psyche. The intense energy was there before the trigger. Creating a karmic trajectory of sorts. A karmic momentum. Where there is a common experience of going off in a rage when in difficult traffic situations.

The way out of any karmic tendency is an energetic endeavor. Just priming the pump for future blogs.

Love You!



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