The Cloaking of our Karma

Who doesn’t have karma? Anyone?

I have a favor to ask. Can you please take a picture of gravity, gravity itself, and circle it in the picture? And send that to me? For that matter, add one of electricity too. The bright light that lightening makes is photons, not the electricity itself. We can’t see gravity or electricity. But we can see their effect.

So then. Karma. Imagine taking a picture of a homeless vet, panhandling on the corner. Could you “see” the karma itself in the picture? Or, like the other examples, only the effect?

Or the cop and the criminal, sinner or saint. You get the idea. We can’t see karma straight on. Does that, itself, have a karmic consequence? … no rabbit holes today. ;- )

So do you have karma? Can you “see” it? Feel it? Or are you not aware of it at all?

For myself, I was totally clueless to some of the biggest karma I had. Clueless.

Karma is a curious thing. When I do energy work on people, I can feel their karma. At least some of it. It has a density or viscosity to it. If you were sitting in a car and the driver got triggered and flew off the handle in an intense case of road rage, could you feel their karma? Could you feel the intense energy behind their rage? Probably. If you imagine your dormant karma as a fuel of sorts, that rage is the burning off of that once dormant energy. The problem with road rage is that there tends to be more energy stored in their psyche after the road rage event. Compounding their karma.

I was in Las Vegas attending a broadcast television convention the day of the Columbine School shooting. We lived near the school. I didn’t worry for my family during that event because I knew they were all in Los Angeles. But we soon returned to Colorado. Their mother stayed in LA for a few days. When the kids and I got back, a few days later, I decided to drive by the school by myself. I was several blocks away and I could feel the grief, sorrow and pain in the air. I wasn’t even close enough to see anything. But I felt it in the air. Before I even got close, I went back and got the kids. I took the kids over to the school, so they could feel what I had felt. So they could see their community and what it was going through. Was that karma I felt? Was it the deep feelings of those effected? All the locals had gathered and left so many flower and candles. Had it stirred our dormant and deeply buried karma a little too?

Or the nice neighborhood kid, before and after going off to war. When a soldier goes into shock, all of their experiences gets pushed into their subconscious. Loading up their psyche with karma.

When our psyche gets imprinted by traumatic events there is a karmic effect on our psyche.

Enough with the heavy stuff.

But I mention it because the heavy stuff gets buried the deepest.

When I work on myself, which I do every day, I can feel dense energy within me. I know it is a karmic imprint in me from my past. The lighter stuff is easier to detect, feel and release. But the deep stuff? That is a whole different thing. It is a very subtle energy. It feels so very faint. I have to tune my consciousness, to resonate with that subtle energy. I don’t always connect with the deep stuff, but if I hone my consciousness into alignment with the subtle energy, it is then that it shows me its intensity. And it can be very intense. Perhaps it was a past life when my village was overtaken by a forest fire. Or some other manner of pain inflicted on my psyche.

It takes a lot of imprinting to load up a psyche where we feel powerless and far from an enlightened state. The vast majority of humanity has no real sense of their truth. Their Divinity. Jesus could turn himself completely into Light. It has been said he didn’t have a subconscious. That he was fully conscious. That whatever he had accumulated in his psyche, had been resolved. Releasing and restoring the energy behind those karmic imprints. We lose some of our consciousness when we push unresolved awareness into our subconscious. In other words, whatever we don’t allow ourselves to feel in the moment, we take some of our consciousness and move it from our conscious space and push it into our subconscious. Loading up our karma. Over many lifetimes, we get to where we are now. Very few people have ever reached the level of consciousness that Jesus promised we all would achieve. It is how to make that journey, that fascinates me the most.

To process and clear all the karmic imprinting of our psyche is the journey back home.

Love You!



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