effects of karma


The Cadence of Your Karma Where there is motion, there is change Ka ka karma … it starts with … consciousness. Your consciousness. So how are you doing? How do you feel about your life? You situation(s)? Your karma? There is a momentum of sorts, embedded in the effect that karma has on our psyche. Where we are each having our own personal experience of karma. The mechanism or physics of karma is impersonal. Indifferent. Karma, like gravity, doesn’t really care how you experience it. But karma has a realm, or spectrum, of possibilities. Possibilities of what you might experience, as far as your own personal experience of karma. In other words, you could look laterally at other people, who are experiencing a quite different karma. Where their life, as a karmic experience, is very different from yours. When we first bump up against our karma, in a conscious way,…