What would your Higher Self do?

You CAN live your life entirely from your ego…

So … what’s it going to be? Not to force or push, but rather, for better clarity.

Our egos can have no problem consuming us. Where the vast majority of our consciousness is “consumed” by our egos. In other words, if we were to imagine the endless stream of consciousness that our Soul streams to us, through us, as us, as some type of measurable “fuel.” Well, perhaps our ego easily consumes all of it. And that is that. More of the same. You could predict who you were in the future, 10 years, 20 years or even farther out, because the likelihood of you actually having real lasting change show up, would be minimal.

There is a notion of living that isn’t that common. And that is to … make waves. Make change. Not exactly for change sake, but close. Very close.

What do I mean by that? Well, it is very common on this planet to come out of struggle. To come out of a difficult situation, and finally have a predictable and controllable life. A sense of “normal.” A place to hang your hat. (Nice hat ;- )

But, for example, say perhaps the struggle is in the realm of relationships. Perhaps you have had a few intense ones that ended with very heavy, hurt feelings. Perhaps one relationship after another, and finally you find someone that doesn’t rock the boat. Where there is a, perhaps, silent agreement to keep things civil. Keep things from getting out of hand. And I get it. We can have a sense of relief. A sense of finally … I feel like I have a life I can “stay in” for the rest of my life. The ego feels like it can finally “stand down.” And not be so guarded as much.

I mean, really. Those old quarrels and fights were just too much. It was just so emotionally exhausting to try to navigate the friction and tension of the past relationships.

We find a plateau of sorts. We come out of the karmic storm and get our feet back on the ground. And I am not knocking … a place of rest. A place of comfort, finally.

But there is an aspect of consciousness that seeks expansion. An aspect of consciousness that wants to express itself in new and different ways. You could, perhaps, even relate it back to the beginning.

In the beginning was the LIGHT. No duality. No experiences. No expansion. No growth. Just LIGHT.

You might say God/ Source Consciousness/Prime Creator was in perfect form as pure light. At rest. At ease.

But then, came the word. The birthplace of form. Duality. Experience. Expansion. Growth.

I do not want to say that everyone needs this, because for many of us, rest is exactly what we need after a few difficult years.

But I do want to say, finding or creating a safe, static and stable environment, to spend the rest of your life in, is not really serving your Soul’s desire to have ever-expanding experiences.

There is a threshold you can reach, where you can easily “recover” from tangents, curve balls, unexpected challenges, and such. Where you don’t see them as decisive or somehow unmanageable. The more you practice the art of creation, the more consciously you are navigating your life lessons. Well then, it isn’t really a big deal to stick your neck out. To try something new. You can learn to recognize what parts of things are compatible with what you want, and easily discard those parts of what you do not prefer.

How can you feel accomplished, if you do not try something new? How can you feel fantastic for actually doing something that you thought you would never do? For me, just one of many things my Soul has out before me, is to write books. My ego wanted nothing to do with it. Let me stay where I am at. I don’t want to write books. I don’t want to share my thoughts with people I don’t know. I don’t want to. Can I just stay where I am? Please?

But now, after I left my comfort zone, and I have written books, I am a different person. You might say that I have grown. Evolved. Expanded my sense of Self. The Soul wants a steady stream of this. I say this because my Soul shows me more and more of what my life might become. The more I get “on-board” with these new dynamics, there is a place of constant, ongoing change. And I am completely OK with that.

My Soul is showing me new ideas for 2022. And I want to accomplish all of them. Even though I don’t fully know where they will take me. I trust my Soul. I trust my purpose. I trust my journey. Then that trust feels so much better than any offer of “living a normal life.”

In a sense, I have no idea where I am going. Not from my ego’s perspective. But I do know, that the most rewarding, challenging and fun life awaits me. I don’t want to miss anything that my Soul has dreamt up for me. And that make me feel truly free.

So, what’s it going to be? Don’t tell me … but do tell you.

… and while you are at it …

Love You!



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