“Normal” means more of the same

“Normal” will not fix anything

Happy New Year!
We have arrived at 2022!

Are you wanting change for your life? Are you wanting something new in your life?

So, whether we are talking about our own personal problems, or we are talking about the problems with our collective consciousness, “normal” will not be fixing anything.

I am very thankful for my life path. Specifically, that I was born the last of seven children. By the time the seventh child, me, came along, my folks were on cruise control with the kids. I remember my parents asking my siblings, “does anyone see Les?” If any of my siblings said yes, that was it. They never asked what I was actually doing. Which meant I could really do whatever I wanted. And nobody cared what I thought either. I was the proverbial caboose. I had extreme freedom, growing up as a child, to think whatever I wanted to think. And do most anything I wanted as well.

Einstein said that we can’t fix a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.

We need to think outside the box. To actually get rid of the box.

In order for our mind/ego to be able to bring in true change to our own life, and to the collective consciousness, we will need to develop the ability to break the “norm.” And our Soul knows exactly how to do that. Yet, for millions of folks, our ego/mind seems to dominate our thoughts. Our consciousness. In order to open up our consciousness, to allow our heart and soul to show up in our everyday thoughts, intentions and actions, we need to break the norm. We need to teach our minds to play in the unknown. To daydream. To “let go.”

Part of the karmic train wrecks of our human history have been monolithic systems. Singular systems for the masses. For example, we have one currency. We hang everything about our lives on the money we make, or don’t make. Where we (can afford) to live. Where we go to school. Our house. Our vacations. All of our lives are directly affected by the “value” of this one currency. Whatever happens to this one currency impacts the majority of all of our lives. And then, the totally inane part of our culture is that we actually gamble over the value of this one currency. Just because your bank statement says you have a certain amount of money in your bank account(s) when you go to sleep, doesn’t mean you have the same value of said monies in the morning. Printing trillions of dollars out of thin air devalues the money you have already earned. I could give many, many examples of just how jacked up our society is. Wet cleanup … Aisle 5.

So then …
What is your life purpose? It can be anything at all. I don’t want to weigh or judge anything. But I would like for you to think about it. Think about the vision your soul is showing you, and see how it relates to what was “normal.” What is the difference of what your life purpose is, and the “norm” of the past?

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It will be those who can tune in to the higher wisdom, the bigger visions, of what is possible that will seed our collective consciousness with the changes that will actually bring the change that our hearts desire for humanity.

When it comes to what my Soul is showing me for my life … I don’t want to miss a thing.

Here’s to the BEST year ever!

Love to you on this day.



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