Follow the Yellow Brick Road

There IS a path for You

All roads lead to Rome. Or so they say.

I find it very curious how our ego has the final say. At least, until it takes a cosmic two-by-four to get our attention.

It is quite evident that the vast majority of the collective consciousness is “suffering” from ego overdose.

We can choose anything we want. Our thoughts have no tether, except the conditioning from our past. In other words, there is no Divine strong arm that will force us to make one decision or another. As a consequence to that, the human race built out a global nuclear arsenal, that could end all life on this planet. Egos overdosing. Wet clean up … Aisle 7.

Our Souls came here for the experience. The human experience. You are that human. And your life IS the desired experience. But what the hell? The hell that we see in the collective consciousness is one of the many roads to heaven. A calm sea has never made a skilled sailor. We chose, as a collective of Souls, to create a karmic tsunami. We chose to come here and live this narrative. Damn, what a cosmic rodeo!

There is no tether. We have fierce free agency. Fierce.

If you have the gumption. If you have the drive, the mojo, the juice … you can create whatever you want.

How cool is that!?

What I have found personally, is that there is a “Yellow Brick Road” of sorts. There is a path that might have more merit than another. And that is to follow the inspirations of your Heart and Soul. We can think that we are doing that, and perhaps we are, but the vision of our Soul is beyond what our egos can even imagine. Our multidimensional Soul can see narratives woven all through our future, that can change our lives, for the rest of our lives.

In other words, our egos tend to keep in a narrow narrative of choices, where we know what the outcome will be. This is blasphemy to our true Divine potentials. It can take some effort, over a long period of time, to bring the ego around. For many, they may start the journey to bring their ego and Soul into step with each other. But soon they end up in a new narrow narrative that feels different to the ego, but nowhere near the potential of the Soul.

You can play with this at a small scale. Perhaps when you are ordering your food at a restaurant. What would I like, that I don’t know I would like? Or, perhaps, choosing an activity for the weekend. What would I like, that I don’t know I would like. The idea is to stop, and turn over the simple decisions to your Soul, to help your ego learn how to trust the vast vision(s) of your Soul.

When we create openings in our consciousness, where our ego would have dominated, and allow the inner inspiration to show up more and more in our everyday lives, we can start to heal that rift between our ego and our Soul.

There IS a path through your life that is most exceptional. It will lead you through manifesting your life purpose.

EnJoy the Journey!

Love You!


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