“Normal” means more of the same “Normal” will not fix anything Happy New Year!We have arrived at 2022!Are you wanting change for your life? Are you wanting something new in your life?So, whether we are talking about our own personal problems, or we are talking about the problems with our collective consciousness, “normal” will not be fixing anything.I am very thankful for my life path. Specifically, that I was born the last of seven children. By the time the seventh child, me, came along, my folks were on cruise control with the kids. I remember my parents asking my siblings, “does anyone see Les?” If any of my siblings said yes, that was it. They never asked what I was actually doing. Which meant I could really do whatever I wanted. And nobody cared what I thought either. I was the proverbial caboose. I had extreme freedom, growing up as a child, to think whatever I wanted…