This too … shall pass

Everything that has a beginning …
has an end

What a most curious time to be alive.

The traditional Western ego is not compatible with the soul’s intention of life. In other words, there are many ways where we become stuck, as far as it relates to being able to manifest our full potential. Our ego was never intended to “run the show.” You might even say that a lot of the suffering on the planet is perhaps due to a huge case of “ego overdose.”

There is a flow to life. A flow of consciousness. A flow to the mechanics of creation.

If we were to look at a pie chart of how most of us use our consciousness, there would be two parts. How much of our consciousness is used by our egos, and how much of our consciousness is used to listen to, and fulfill, the inspirations of our heart and soul. And, perhaps, all but a tiny sliver of the pie would be ego consciousness. The busy mind. The monkey mind. Always wanting the next distraction. Staring at our phones or scrolling through our social media. Not that everyone is this way, but it is very common. Certainly there are people who are very effective at fulfilling the vision of their soul. Very passionate and tuned in people who are blazing their own path, following their inner guidance.

When our Soul shows us a vision for our life, where that vision is so totally different from our current narrative that we are living today, a lot of times our ego will not even take the first step in that journey. Because we can’t see the whole path. We often will not want to take the new path on, as an everyday intention. Because our egos tend to make choices where we already know what the results will be. In other words, our egos tend to base our everyday choices on what has “worked” in the past. Where if we were to come to a crossroads, so to speak, where we can choose a completely new narrative for ourselves, our egos tend to shy away from taking on a new narrative where we don’t know what the results will be.

The snag comes from our inspiration. Well, not really from our inspiration, but rather, from our inability to fulfill our last inspiration. You can imagine a recipe for fulfilling the vision. And the first step, that step that will change the direction of our life, that first step comes to us and we second-guess the value of it. We shy away from following the inspiration. And then the flow of inspiration stops. We cannot complete the recipe, if we do not complete all of the steps.

Perhaps our Soul is showing us writing a book. And our ego cringes because we are nervous about what that would look like. Our mind analyzes the crap out of it, and considers it too risky. I say this from my own experience. It took me 6 years of my ego’s resistance to write my first book. And when I FINALLY got down to clicking publish, I felt so much anxiety about how my life would change. Change. I was very nervous about my life changing in a way where I didn’t know what the outcome would be.

Incidentally, I scrapped my first book. It was never published.

Now, I have written several books. And I can easily start a new book in a moment. I really enjoy writing. The point here is flow. Our Soul shows us a “next step.” And if our ego cannot take actions on it. Then the inspiration stops. We get stuck avoiding the change that our inspiration might bring into our lives.

I could have cooperated with my Soul with my first book. The first time my Soul told me to start writing, I could have sat down that moment and started writing. We can learn to trust our inspiration in each and every moment. Where that proverbial pie chart has the majority of our consciousness spent following the inspiration of our Soul. Where our ego learns how to follow. How to let go of the reigns. To step back and trust. When we get new inspiration, the idea has a beginning, the moment the inspiration arrives, and at the end, where it is being fulfilled. A beginning and an end that completes the cycle of flow. The flow of our own consciousness.

To practice this can bring a sense of peace within the proverbial storm of life. When everything outside of us becomes so unpredictable, it can be our Soul that guides us through the chaos. But this guidance has no value if our ego isn’t onboard to fulfill it. Learn to trust your heart and soul all throughout your day. Build a deep sense of trust from your inner guidance. And you will feel more peace within the storm. And you will find your dreams coming true much quicker than if you just surrender your every choice to your ego.

Learn to EnJoy the journey. This day and every day.

Love You



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