What good can you harvest from your shadow?

Both Light and Shadow … are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi

There is a momentum that is created by the untrained ego. An accumulation of “programming” that will install itself if we are not careful. Fast forward a few decades, and we can find ourselves very stuck in a sense of normalcy. There is nothing wrong here. If you want … more of the same. Normal, by its very nature, means more of the same. Normal won’t “fix” anything. I want to hang with the abby-normal folks. I want to explore the not-normal aspects of life. For it is there, where we will find the “new” outcomes. The new narratives. The new possibilities.

Groovy man. Far out!

Did you guess what we will look at next? We will look at the shadow side of a entire culture. In the 60’s and 70’s there was a hippie movement. Peace and Love baby! Perhaps you remember the demonstrations and protests over the “establishment.” There were many protests about all kinds of things. Race riots. The whole “go to school and get a job, and work your life for the establishment.” And then there was the Vietnam War too. These narratives were at the core of the protests of the youth of the culture of the time.

The establishment was the “normal.” Just as your clothes being hung up would be. Or left on the floor. Whatever was “normal” for you is the programming itself. With the establishment, the normals were programmed, as a whole, across the majority of the collective. You could even look further back to the 50’s. The white picket fence mentality of the culture. Where everyone, pretty much, walked in step with the norms.

Both Light and Shadow … are the Dance of Love.
~ Rumi

So which one is “right” or “better”?

Hippies, left to their “normals,” would never have landed on the moon. It took the extreme structure and discipline of the “establishment” to pull off such a colossal accomplishment. Yet, left unchecked, that same establishment would have been stuck in perpetual wars. They are the shadows of each other. Karmically speaking, whenever we are postured with a right and a wrong, no matter the topic, we are creating a “correct,” and a “wrong,” of sorts. When we posture, we are creating a standing wave of consciousness. A perpetual standing wave of energy, of consciousness, that creates a karmic momentum.

So then … let me stir up your “normal(s)”.

When you walk into your bedroom, are all of your clothes hung up and in order? Perfect. Or, perhaps, do you not bother with your clothes, and they are strung all over the bed and floor? Perfect.

If you want to discover some of the “momentum” I speak of, ingrained in your sense-of-self, then flip your “scene.” In other words, if you found all of your clothes neatly hung up and in order, pull them out of your closet and fling them all over the room. Wait … what?

If you were those who normally don’t tend to your clothes, and just leave then strung all over the bedroom, well then, your shadow would have you pick up all of your clothes, and hang them up or put them away, thus creating order. This is a harmless arena in which to explore your shadow side.

I suggest, you will feel your own karmic investments if you were to flip your scene for, perhaps, a month.

There is no right or wrong here … but you most likely WILL feel like what you are doing, as you flip your “scene,” is wrong, or at least, awkward.

Perhaps your karmic normal is to always say “yes.” Or, perhaps, your “normal” is to never ask for help. Or to always look well-kept and “proper.”

Again, there is no right or wrong here. The experience(s) of life that you do prefer, are just an impersonal reflection off of the quantum mirror. The quantum mirror, in and of itself, has no bias of its own. But if you bring a (karmic) bias of your own, you are literally collapsing arenas of possibilities. If you play with your shadow side, you will find a new you hiding within your shadow(s). It is a dance, really. Just don’t get (karmically) stuck.

Love You!



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