The Last Mile is All You!

The Kingdom of Heaven is within You … now.

If we take a big step back and look at what it means to have the human experience, from a much bigger perspective, we can see that the “karmic rules” of life are rather subjective. If you think of a brand new Soul, incarnating for the first time, there is a bit of an indifference of sorts. In other words, the younger the Soul, as far as the number of incarnations, the simpler the experiences. Just like traditional education, the first day in kindergarten is intended to go over the basics. Whereas an experienced student, shooting for their Ph.D., is immersed in a sea of information. A very challenging level of new information to learn and integrate into their own personal education. Pushing their skills to the limit.

As we incarnate, over the many lifetimes of our Soul’s journey, we delve deeper and deeper into the karmic lessons. Those karmic lessons take us further and further into the “darkness.” Into the shadow side of what it means to be human. In some of the most advanced “classes” of what it can mean to live out a human experience, we bump up against the more difficult lifetimes. You can imagine incarnating into a very challenging family dynamic, perhaps domestic violence or such, where even as an infant, you are exposed to extremely intense conditions. These Souls, who have chosen such challenging circumstances, are taking perhaps the most advanced classes, on what it mans to be a human being.

Your Soul looked at its many different options for incarnating, and chose this life. Your family of origin, the belief systems in place there, and the opportunities that this incarnation offered you, as far as experiences and lessons to be learned. So, take a moment, and consider the core beliefs and values of your family of origin. For this incarnation of You. How empowered were your parents, or perhaps how dis-empowered were they? Where was the authority? Inside the house? Like perhaps, a farm life, in a very rural area. Where everything about the family was decided in the home. And then the flip side of that, where perhaps all of the beliefs and values of the household were decided by a religion or academic teachings. Where everything of importance was decided by the directive of the institution.

Although I give just two examples here, there are indeed millions of variations. I talk in general terms to illustrate a point.

But I suggest this incarnation is different. Different from all of your previous incarnations. At least for the last thousand years.

Why would I say that? Because you are living in a time that is like no other. At least in recent past. Again around the last one or two thousand years. This lifetime of yours has exceptional conditions compared to your past. I am sure, humanity as a whole, has lived out very advanced lifetimes. Times from long ago.

But back to you. We have discussed, either here in these weekly newsletters or on the hundreds of radio show episodes of the New Human Living radio platform, all sorts of topics as it relates to your consciousness. Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Manifestation, Karma, Emotions, Consciousness, Channeling Ascended Masters, Past Life Regression, etc. It was totally unthinkable, in just the last incarnation, that things like the internet would even exist. For you to have so much information available to you … every day of your life, is exceptional in comparison with your past. You are living out a lifetime, this lifetime, like no other in your recent past. And so your intended destination could change as well too.

I suggest this is because this time around you intended, at the Soul level, to understand the mechanics of creation at a very deep level. You, perhaps, intended to evolve your consciousness, to the point of self-realization. Realizing the Divine within you now. To connect with your Source consciousness at the core of your being … now. When your Soul chose this life path for you, it knew there would be an ocean of information that would help your ego/mind come to understand the Divinity of your essence. There is no little self in the last mile. It is the embodiment of your higher self.

Jesus took his friends to the side, and said … check this out … and turned into LIGHT. The personification of Source (God) Consciousness. In the last mile, there is no language. No duality. There is no-thing that brings you your enlightenment. For it is within you now. Your enlightenment is a discovery, and not a creation. The kingdom of Heaven is within you … now.

Enjoy the journey.

Love You




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