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New Chapter, New Game

New Chapter, New Game We are entering a whole new paradigm There were so many centuries of the old-school living. The 3D world of our past. But now we are entering a whole new paradigm, in so many ways. There is a whole new “set of rules”

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The Language of Love

By their words will you know them There is a scale, of sorts, that maps the levels of consciousness. With one end being Love, with a capital L. A place of immense (Divine) power. And at the other end would be some flavor of hell. On the

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Heaven is Within You Now

Everything we seek can be found within us now It has been said that everything OUTSIDE of us is an illusion. That every thing we see literally is not “real.” Yet there is a truth in our world that we CAN hang our hats on. And that

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Teach Your Ego, Know Happiness

Fear has no power of its own There is nothing to fear. But yet, we can live in fear. We can find ourselves worrying about everything that is going on. How can you find a place of happiness when the world itself might seem like it is

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Own Your Divinity

God will not change anything except through a Human BEing Sure, there are the Birds and the Bees. Trees and Oceans. And then there is the solar system too. And the night sky full of countless galaxies. God/Goddess has a hand in all of creation. The Divine

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Eons of time … to bring Us this moment

Living the Dream The journey of the Soul is such a timeless story. Since perhaps the beginning of time, Souls have looked at opportunities for incarnation. Our recent centuries have held so many varieties of archetypal experiences for us to embody. Very exciting opportunities. Stories of bravery

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The End of Surrender

Coming out of karma There is a point in our spiritual journey where everything flips over. For most of us, our spiritual journey has been about overcoming our own karma. And certainly that is a very important step. But after that … what happens then? I totally

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Ego, Narcissism and Glory

Who are YOU to personify the Divine? Here You are. On your spiritual journey. You have your story. You have your issues. One day at a time. You are living in perhaps the most dynamic time in our human history. And YOUR soul had a vision for

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Deal Me In

The Time Has Come You have been watching it happen from the day you were born. The process of creation happening. Right before your eyes. People taking inspired, intentional actions in their lives to make things happen. But, perhaps what was missing was that you didn’t know

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Tapping the Divine Within You

God wants to play. Deal the Divine into Your life. So what would a Divine day look like? Or perhaps where would your life be after a Divine Year? What would “Over the Top” look like for you? There is a Divine spark located deep within you.

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