Wholeness Is the New Wellness with Sue Cimino

August 1, 2018

Please join us and our guest, Sue Cimino, for a show on Wholeness is the New Wellness ~ How to Embrace Your Innate Wholeness and Express Your Soul’s Purpose.

Sue is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of Ancient Ones Are Calling Us ~ Learning to Listen Changed My Life. This book recounts her mystical journey to Tasmania, inspiring us to trust our own ability to listen.

While working as an accountant, Sue was “called” to Tasmania, Australia where she began receiving messages from Creation about the stumbling blocks affecting humanity and how to help us change before we destroy ourselves again. She lived in Tasmania for the next 7 years deepening her connection with the land and the consciousness that called her there.

While dealing with her own Lyme disease, Sue suddenly received the Wholeness Alignment Process direct from the Circle of Consciousness Involved with Creation. This divinely guided protocol healed her completely, but more importantly, it aligned her with her Divine Self.

Since its discovery, Sue has been utilizing the Wholeness Alignment Process to help others who are feeling the “call” to their soul’s purpose, but are feeling blocked by numerous things including illness, interference, past life “bleed through”, karmic agreements, etc.

Click here https://bit.ly/2mYhjU3 and receive my 7 Easy Steps to Jump-start Your Journey to Wholeness along with a Wholeness Morning Meditation. Special Offer - 25% off group or individual Wholeness Alignment Process. (August 2018 only.) Contact me through SueCimino.com.

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