Loving To The End...And On with Lynn B. Robinson, Ph.D.

August 8, 2018

Please join us and our guest, Lynn B. Robinson, Ph.D. for a show where we imagine a book of love stories that is actually a book about dying. Imagine a book that assists families, friends, doctors, and nurses in making end-of-life illnesses less stressful and more filled with love.

Loving to the End…and On: A Guide to the Impossibly Possible combines both into one. Lynn B. Robinson, Ph.D. uses her skills and experiences as a business professor, management consultant, hospice volunteer, intuitive, and after-death communicator to weave exceptional, intimate, complex, and physical, end-of-life stories with transcendent possibilities.

Even though Lynn offers both touchingly personal and well-researched accounts of death-bed visions, after-death communication, near-death experiences, and other unexpected occurrences, she does not demand that readers share her beliefs nor those of others whose stories she tells. For although she offers evidence of sometimes questionable care of the dying, she emphasizes instead those things we can do to improve care. This book is filled with insight, helpful resources, and near-limitless possibility. It lifts us up as it fills us with ways we can recognize, maintain and enjoy love through the end of life and beyond.

Dr. Robinson recognizes and encourages the ways for anyone—everyone—to love beyond death in this thoroughly explored, engaging, and compelling mix of personal narrative and forthright reporting on end-of-life care and mis-care. Helpful for both families and medical personnel, it is part instructive manual, part counselor, and part love story. Her book gently guides us through the sadness of departure toward opportunity and love.

To learn more visit LynnBRobinson.com.

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