Love You?

So often we can have regular thoughts in our daily lives that do not serve us. Thoughts that are operating in our heads that defer our own self-love. Thoughts that re-enforce a sense of self-judgment. Our own inner critic. Operating without our awareness. Our own sub-conscious monologue.

To take the time to flush those thoughts out of our mental patterning is a very powerful thing to do. All thoughts that do not serve us are not related to loving ourselves. To love yourself without condition is to make every thought, and every choice, ones that support your “self.” And a way to begin flushing out thoughts that don’t serve you is by beginning to follow a very simple process, which is to actually stop all of your thoughts.

No-thought meditation is a very powerful tool to empower your own authentic self. It is powerful because you have untold power within you now, in this very moment. In order for that power to manifest, it needs to show up as your thoughts, and then progress to powerful actions. Powerful thoughts are not typically common in the arena of our own egos. Our egos tend to play things safe, not wanting to risk a loss of control, and avoiding any thoughts that might rock the boat.

Powerful thoughts are game-changers. Those types of powerful thoughts always come from our own heart and soul, usually showing up when our ego is distracted doing something else. To be able to recognize when our thoughts have come from our hearts is to capture our own power, as all powerful actions start out as a thought. So to be able to recognize a powerful thought, and then capture it by writing it down, starts the journey of following the wisdom of our own hearts. But first we need to master our own thinking. But how?

Start by finding a quiet place, and get comfortable. Choose a place where you will not be disturbed. And set a timer. Ten minutes is a good starting point. Start the timer and close your eyes. And then … stop thinking.

… And when any thoughts start popping up in your head, just say “thank you.” Like a period at the end of a sentence, this “thank you” is ending the thought. For instance, “This is stupid” … Thank you. “We need to get gas in the car” … Thank you. “Are we done yet?!” … Thank you. “We are going to be late for work” … Thank you. Over time, the thoughts will get tired of trying to come through, trying to get you to “bite” and start a monologue in your own head. Remain strong. As each thought attempts to enter your mind during this meditation, be strong. Acknowledge each thought with a simple “thank you,” and just let it go.

Just keep following this process. It will ultimately improve every aspect of your life. You will start to see much more powerful effects spent practicing this sort of daily meditation as the weeks go by. Not only will you start to catch your own subconscious thoughts, but you will also catch when your thought processes changes. Like when you go to take action on the inspiration of your heart and soul. What would have previously stopped you in your tracks now becomes a much more conscious choice. When we start to catch ourselves dropping into to ego monologue, we can get back to the inspiration of our own heart. If you do this with discipline, it will change your life for the better. You will start to honor those powerful thoughts from your heart, which will allow your heart to guide you in your everyday life.

Within each of us is the Light of Love. This Light is a field, like a static electric charge, or the glow that surrounds a candle flame. It is a field the permeates the area around us. This Light does not use sentences. It is pure energy. When you get good at no-thought meditation, you start to move toward aligning to this inner Light within you now. The Light within you now is a field of pure Love energy. It doesn’t “think” like the mind does. When you stop your thoughts, it moves you into the ability to just BE, allowing your inner Light to be experienced. Love as You!

Love You!.

Love and Light,



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