How do you experience your karma?

We all have our own karma. Karma that decides how we experience life itself. Our karma has such a personal aspect to it. Although we are living in the same world, how we each experience it varies dramatically, just like our own personal storyline playing out in each of our own minds. At the same time, Karma is impersonal, so to speak, and simple karmic principles have been playing out since the beginning of time itself.

Your relationship to your karma is a choice. Often we take on karma when we resist what we experience in life. You do realize that resistance is futile, don’t you? The more you resist the experiences on which you place judgement, the more karma you create.

Karma is indifferent to what you choose, meaning that it has no bias. It is you who decides your relationship to your life experiences and to the karma you are creating. You can change your relationship to your own karma … literally in an instant. When our perspective comes from our own ego, we tend to see karma as a static thing, such as a dogma in which we are stuck. You may find yourself saying, “Life is just that way.” Yet your karma doesn’t care whether or not you change your relationship to it. To move your perspective to the viewpoint of your own soul is to learn the lessons that your karma is teaching you. And that lesson can also be learned in an instant.

Your feelings are the product of your karma. And those feelings are played out on your own body. Think of your body as your karmic canvas. It is the canvas of your feelings. And your karma is also your past, showing up in the present. When you feel an unresolved aspect of your past flare up in your persona, it is your re-action to that which decides what happens next. Since all feelings only want to be felt, if you allow the feelings to express, then you release them and are free of them. But if you re-act by suppressing them, then they continue to build up in your own subconscious … awaiting the next time they can show up even stronger, expressed in your own emotions and feelings.

To master your karma, get comfortable … in feeling uncomfortable. When we can stay in the feeling, and just BE, we allow the energy of our karma to be expressed, and thus released too! That is the beginning of the end … of our own karma. Yes, it is possible to be karma-free. But that is the last step of our journey back to the Light within us now. Your aura will glow in the dark before that happens. Miracles will be your norm. All opposites will resolve in your presence. God personified.

EnJoy your journey back home … to the light within you now.

Got Karma?

Love and Light,



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