Heaven awaits your arrival

The journey home can seem like a myth. Every day we find ourselves living out a familiar story. Our sense of self is intact as we manage those elements of our lives, trying to create a deeper understanding of who we really are. Life is constantly expressing yet another new idea or inspiration. We can wonder where to look for our best view of our own truth.

There is no one but ourselves. Nobody can take us on the journey to the last mile home. No sage, mystic, priest, pope, president or deity can give us our truth. There is a moment during our journey home where we leave the teacher, and discover the answer within ourselves, only to discover it was there all along. Religion can be a vehicle, but it cannot hold the answer. Nothing will be given to you to complete the journey. It is a discovery, and not a creation.

To understand the truth of who you are … you must let go. Let go of judgment and posturing. Let go of preference and propriety. Let go of any need to know. Let go of your mortal eyes, and let the Light that is within you reveal itself. To see the truth, is to have virgin eyes. Eyes without bias or posturing. An innocent sense of self, for all things are found within you.

The journey home is one of energy. Your karma is the blinders that keep your eyes looking outside of you. The seeker is looking outside for the answers. Yet the energy of your past is what keeps the truth hidden in the shadows. Clarity comes from re-integration. Integration of all things.The many become One. We entered the darkness by becoming fragmented. Separated. Postured and judgmental. But when you return to the truth, as Rumi said so well … The profane becomes sacred… again.

Relax. Breathe. Rest in the truth of who you are. Your truth is out of reach of mortal men. You are safe, now and always. No choices or actions can change that. The truth of you cannot be destroyed or tarnished. Once you get a glimpse of that … you have entered the last mile of your journey home. To the Kingdom of Heaven within you now.

Love You … I Do.



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