Becoming who you really are

We all are on our own journey. And every choice affords us the ability to change where we are on that journey. You can think of the journey your Soul is on, as a journey that started in the Light. Source. God essence. And then we chose to go into the darkness. At this point in our journey, we are either moving farther into darkness, or moving back towards the Light.

If I told you right now that your most authentic You is a vast ocean of Light and Love, could you imagine it? From the beginning of time, You have been Light. L-I-G-H-T. Light is the source of all creation. Darkness has no substance of its own. You can’t have a box of darkness, and then double how much darkness is in it. Because darkness has no substance. Just like fear. Fear has no power of its own. Light = Consciousness. Thus, without light, without consciousness, then no fear experience is possible. Without consciousness, there is no awareness. No sentences. No thoughts or beliefs. No fears. No feelings either.

Fear has no power of its own. It is something we create with our own Light. Casting shadows where there was only Light.

If you look at paintings of the masters and sages of the past, they have auras of Light around their heads. There is a story of Jesus, where he became visible Light in the presence of others. Light. Paintings of ascended masters, angels, archangels and such … All Light.

You cannot destroy Light. You are that Light. As the Course in Miracles states: Nothing Real can be threatened. You are off the hook. Your ego is “safe,” in the sense that your most authentic truth cannot be destroyed. Nothing that can happen can touch the truth of who you really are. But to actually gain a sense of peace from that truth, you would do well to think about it. To mull it over in your mind. The idea that you are really, really safe.

At the end of this journey that you are on, you will return to BEing just Light. Like the first day you started this journey into the darkness.

You can warp how much time it takes to truly understand that … Fast forward to the truth, and know that You are the Light embodied right now.

Love and Light,



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