The Vulnerable Man with Thomas Anderson

November 3, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Thomas Anderson, for a show on The Vulnerable Man: Break your patterns. Master your emotions. Reclaim your life.

Thomas Anderson is author of The Vulnerable Man, which was inspired by his own struggle to reconcile his everyday life and the emotional turmoil he was experiencing. Despite having a successful career and a comfortable life, something was missing. Anderson was trapped in an emotional prison of self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and endless feelings of worthlessness. He was effective at being there for everyone else, but he was plagued by digital stress—unable to set appropriate boundaries. He didn’t know how to be there for himself, and he was on the brink of burnout. Now Anderson tells the story of his own life crisis and struggle with burnout to ensure that others might learn or re-learn how to listen to their inner voice and how to handle their emotions in an overwhelming world.

Thomas is a Swedish entrepreneur, change manager, inspirational speaker, and life coach. As a project manager, change manager, and management consultant, Anderson’s career has taken him to the United States, China, and many countries across Europe. He has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University, Sweden, and has studied at the School of Business at Queen’s University, Canada, and in Barcelona, Spain. To learn more visit

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