Supercharged Self-Healing with RJ Spina

November 17, 2021

Please join us and our guest, RJ Spina, for a show on Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair.

Supercharged Self-Healing is the new paradigm of self-healing. It captures RJ’s revolutionary Ascend The Frequencies Healing Technique that he invented to verifiably overcome permanent chest-down paralysis and severe chronic illness, without medications. These new understandings and consciousness-expanding meditations supercharge and command the body’s self-repair and self-healing program in ways never thought possible. This book has already profoundly changed the health and lives of countless people. It combines authentic higher consciousness metaphysics and never-before accessed levels of metaphysics into practical, actionable, and easily repeatable protocols. These teachings reveal the sacred gateways into hidden realms of accelerated self-rejuvenation and liberation. By raising our electro-magnetic frequency through RJ’s paradigm-shifting teachings and exercises, we can access, repair, and restore our original blueprint of health and make suffering and disease obsolete.

RJ is a true leader and metaphysical teacher, and the world has never needed one so desperately. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique have already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels. RJ has recently started his non-profit, Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness. He teaches revolutionary self-healing and self-realization courses, performs energy healings, and counsels people worldwide. Learn more at

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