I Only Walk On Water When It Rains with Dr. Patty Luckenbach

November 30, 2016

Please join us and our guest, Dr. Patty Luckenbach, for a show discussing her book, "I Only Walk On Water When It Rains." Dr. Patty Luckenbach is an Associate Minister of Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado, a member of Centers for Spiritual Living.

Only Walk on Water When It Rains is a guide for mystical cosmic consciousness and questing for unity in the wilderness. It is wisdom through stories and conversation with the great Bear Spirit. The stories and conversation reveal astonishing magic, mystery, miracles and magical song. Meister Eckhart wrote, "This spirit seeks to be broken through by God." Source God, the creative Love-Intelligence, leads us through a desert into the wilderness and solitude of the divine where God is pure unity, where God gushes up within Itself. To live in the rightful means to live within consciousness. There is a cosmic life that lies within us as a compass on our path.

With heartfelt respect and dignity, Dr. Luckenbach shares her experience of the Native Americans. According to Dr. Luckenbach, "I'm thankful for the soul of the American Indian. I hold respect and honor for the invitation of the relationship the Hunka (Making of Relations) ceremony where the White Lance family chose my husband and me as their brother and sister. The Indigenous wisdom has opened my heart to a deeper feeling of a mystical communion. I'm grateful for the wisdom of all indigenous nations. I honor and bless the golden thread of wisdom which has been woven by stories and ceremonies.The healing thread of wisdom continues to reflect an interconnection that is available to all people. A powerful Native American leader, Duane Hollow Horn Bear, great grandson of the famous Chief Hollow Horn Bear, whose heart was healing from the broken arrows of racism said, 'We all have red hearts,' We are all related."

To learn more visit PattyLuckenbach.com and look for her on Facebook.


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