Climate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet with Jack Adam Weber

June 30, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Jack Adam Weber, for a show on Climate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet.

Instead of falling prey to eco-anxiety, you can use this book to not only cope with climate distress, but also leverage your difficult emotions into potent forces for hope and regeneration. Climate Cure shows you how to revitalize your life and the world from the inside out, encouraging you to embody the phrase “heal yourself, heal the planet.”

Jack Adam Weber introduces you to the triangle of resilience relationships—with yourself, the natural world, and your community. He proposes that the root of our climate crisis comes from a breakdown of these relationships and offers heartfelt, self-care exercises to help you become part of the solution. This unique, ground-breaking book presents innovative techniques that inspire you to take action in the spirit of interconnection and regeneration.

Jack (Ojai, CA) is a traditional Chinese medicine physician, poet, climate activist, and organic farmer. He is also the creator of The Nourish Practice, an Earth-centered rejuvenation and meditation practice. He offers presentations, workshops, and readings integrating holistic medicine, environmental activism, deep ecology, poetry, and meditation.

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