Capturing Spiritual Soul Friends Through Painting with artist JaniLyn

January 23, 2019

Please join us and our guest, JaniLyn, for a show on Capturing Spiritual Soul Friends Through Painting.

Janilyn, a name which is the combination of a childhood nickname and her middle name, is an Interior Designer, Reiki Master Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant, with an emphasis in the effects of color in our worlds … culminating into the evolving talent of being a Spirit Artist.

Janet realized through her empathic senses that there was more to her interior design projects than just what was going on with the home or offices of her clients. The inhabitants were being affected by the spaces as much as the other way around. As Winston Churchill observed, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Reiki came to her and the knowledge of chakras and their correlating colors helped her understand why some people loved or hated certain colors and the healing value available to create balance in the self through their use.

Feng Shui was the next piece which Janet was drawn to in order to help connect the dots. Our spaces are where we are affected every day and can act as medicine or poison to higher and physical selves. Her natural curiosity led her to combine the colors related to the chakras and Feng Shui to Color Therapy, taking her clients' wishes, personalities and health into consideration when selecting color, seeking balance for those involved.

Being a lifelong collector of paint supplies, the urge to put paint on paper became stronger than any fear, apathy or time constraints. What came about is an abstract expression of color and emotion. When mirrored for possible fabric design, it became clear she was channeling so much more of the unseen world around her. She came to realize this was a gift she could offer to others as well as a visual snapshot of the energies around them.

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