3 Secrets to Detoxify the Body & Balance Hormones with Dr. Sandra Bevacqua

May 3, 2017

Please join us and our guest, Dr. Sandra Bevacqua, for a show about "3 Secrets to Detoxify the Body and Balance Hormones."

Dr. Sandra Bevacqua is a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology with additional expertise in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology. She is a women's health expert specializing in blood chemistry analysis, detoxification, hormone balancing and nutrition. She has lectured nationally and internationally on a variety of topics including detoxification of the human body and she loves taking groups of clients on an annual spring detoxification retreat in Southern California. Dr. Sandy is also a bestselling author on Amazon.

In her private practice, located in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Sandy works closely with each client to create an individualized program which addresses each client's specific needs and gently brings the body, mind and spirit back into balance so they can feel better, be more productive and achieve their health and wellness goals.

To learn more visit wish4life.com.

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