Getting your ego on-board

We all have a higher wisdom within us, an innate intelligence that transcends any paradigm, struggle or worry. Indeed, it is our own heart that holds so much power. But there is something that needs to happen to get that authentic power online, for it is our ego that dictates what can really happen.

So often we can find ourselves living out a repetitive pattern. One day like the next. With no real change happening. Living in a karmic rut of sorts. It starts out as our ego keeping our life “safe.” And certainly it can be for good reason, at least initially. For many of us, our karmic lessons started so early in our life that we had no choice but to choose survival. From the perspective of a child, often we observed the powerful emotions of adults wreaking havoc in our own household, which then caused us to make a decision to keep ourselves safe, choosing to be cautious about our own choices in order to navigate the volatile world in which we lived.

But now, decades later, we can still be living the guarded life, the survival tactics of the past still operating in our everyday choices. It often hinges on the feelings of our emotions. The ego can feel very vulnerable whenever the feelings of our own emotions flare up. And it is the cautious ego that can keep the  power of our own heart in check.

We are souls who have incarnated into this human condition. Souls. Every soul is a portal to the Divine. The Divine in you is personified through your soul. As such, you have a wisdom and understanding that can transcend any human condition. You have the ability to be a powerful heart living a passionate and purposeful life, if you can get your ego to let go and trust the journey. This hasn’t been very common in the past. But this next chapter of our human story has legions of people who awaken to this higher truth. To grow a sense of trust in your own ego is to give yourself reins on the future, dictated by the vision of your heart and soul. These are the power players in the next chapter of our own human history.

The ego can feel vulnerable and volatile, fearing its own death, of sorts. When we have our sense of self tied up in our ego, as our ego, we tend to play it safe. Playing it safe is not a powerful story. The truth of you is that your soul is eternal. And the human aspect of you is only temporal. But the ego can see it the other way around, fearing that you die when the body dies. But you are not your body. Nor are you the mind on which the ego runs, for both of these aspects of you are temporal, a chapter of a bigger story. It is the story of your soul as it journeys from the light into the darkness and then back into the light. This lifetime has its own lessons attached to it. And they are but stepping stones to the bigger picture of your soul’s journey.

It is in this lifetime that you can make the jump, a shift in your identity, that is the biggest game-changer of all time. And in this chapter of our human story, the sheer volume of personal power that is available to you is like no other lifetime, ever. Personal power hinges on raising your own consciousness above the collective story. For a soul to be living in the darkness, and then being able to embody the light, is the personification of personal power. I am talking about Divine power. Love itself. Personified through you, as you.

To get your ego to trust your own heart is the first step in allowing the power of love to flow through you. An empowered heart is the vehicle of the Divine.

Heal your heart with compassion for yourself. With forgiveness for yourself. And then for all others. For the whole of humanity.

And teach your ego to trust in your own journey back to Divine love.

Love and Light,



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