Following the vision of your heart and soul

To master the art of fulfilling your human potential is to tap into that infinite well of joy deep within you now. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. We all have equal access to the source of all creation. That source of all creation is found deep within you now. You are the creator incarnate.

But to be able to actually convert that simple truth into a vibrant and fulfilling life can be a journey in  and of itself. The vast and expansive kingdom is held in escrow awaiting your desire of it. When you decide to honor that inner impulse, you become the vessel of creation itself, the Divine spark of creation personified as you. As we are living in a culture where that kind of living is not very common, you can be a point of presence, a brilliant light, within this collective paradigm.

It is the natural order of the universe that you live a fulfilled life. We collectively disconnected from that truth when we decided to go so far into the shadow of life. We all collectively loaded up on karma to experience the challenges and lessons of feeling disconnected from source. It is a collective storyline that has been filled with struggle and pain. Yet the timeless principles of the universe await our own alignment with them. The fountain of source is ever fulfilling the desires for creation itself. And you are a point of presence in that infinite field of creation.

These are very powerful ideas, because you are very powerful. Often this can bring a sense of anxiousness to our egos. Indeed, our egos can often be the aspect of us that can want to keep the parking brake on. Our egos tend to want to know the outcome of every decision and action BEFORE we engage them. And if the outcome is unknown we can often choose more of the same, more of the past, to keep a sense of safety.

Enter the Citizen King. YOU. Can you bring your ego to a place of trust, taking action on your own inspiration without fear jumping in to shut it all down? It can be achieved by you. In fact, all paths of our human story will eventually find that space of intentional creation. It IS the journey home, bringing us back to the truth of who we are and what our authentic potential hold for us.

My latest book, Citizen King: The New Age of Power, describes how to do just that, and how to live a sense of fulfillment in your life that honors who you really are. This brings immense joy to your ego, and a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to your heart and soul. Pure Authentic You!

Honor your potential … you deserve that.

Love and Light,



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