The Journey of Your Soul

To get in step with the journey of your Soul can bring such joy, satisfaction and happiness to your everyday life. So often we can be critical of our human nature, observing our ego living out its attempt to create a life for itself. When we have judgement about whether we are “doing it right or not” this can have a sense of self-judgement attached to it. But you cannot do it wrong … ever. You cannot create a wrong decision. That statement might seem “wrong” since there are so many things that are wrong. But in truth, “good” and “evil” are the duality of expression, or rather, the duality of self-perception.

In the beginning there was Light. LIGHT. Bright white light. This is the only lasting truth, the root of all creation. And that very same light is at your own core. Your inner self. That light has no duality. Darkness is an illusion, created for the soul purpose of creating a canvas of creation. The very moment you choose a preference, you create duality. You cannot have a posture without an opposite opportunity being created.

The canvas of creation has so many spectrums. Arenas of opposites. Archetypes and emotions. Beliefs and judgements. And the ego has its own preferences in these vast arenas of creation. But to the light, all shadows are a subset of the truth. A subset of all that is. Which also means it can be refined to a deeper truth. Until you are Light alone, there is a karmic propensity in your very being. A karmic propensity. The burning bush transcended all polarities when It said … “I Am That I Am.” No bias whatsoever.

Whatever your ego’s biases are, they are approved. The saint and the sinner have equal position in the field of shadow. The universe as a whole has no bias of its own. So when your ego tells you that you are stuck or off the “correct” path … have no worries.

Forgive yourself. Forgive any sense that what you chose in the past has somehow diminished who you are. You are perfect, whole and complete … now and always. Have compassion for yourself. Vast and endless compassion for yourself. Get really clear that you are Divine right now. You are perfect right now. And you are worthy of your role in this most exciting chapter of our human story. Your Soul had a vision for your life before you were even born. And for so many of us, the role we are being shown in this next chapter has us playing a bigger role than we have ever seen ourselves in. Make no mistake, you are APPROVED to play it out in a grand and powerful way.

Claim your value. Honor your gifts. Share who you are and what you are here to offer. For you are here on Earth to do just that. When you honor the role your Soul chose for you, you feel such gratitude and satisfaction every single day.

You are that important! I honor YOU just as you are … right now. Thank you for being here now.

Love and Light,



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