Finding the Joy of Living Today

There won’t be a moment when it is over, this journey of your soul. It is a timeless story. As Joseph Campbell described it … it is the Hero’s Journey. It is the illusion of leaving the light to travel into the darkness and then finding our way back home. We choose, as souls, to leave the light of our truth, and journey into the darkness of separation … disconnecting ourselves from knowing our own truth. The truth cannot be destroyed, ever. It exists now, and now, and now … as does Heaven. But oftentimes we can lose site of that which we seek, which is the very essence of who we are.

There is no moment when we are done. Life is a timeless expression. As we transform who we are, moment by moment, we are in the act of creation itself. It is only in this day, today, that we will ever experience the joy of living, for the future is not a time we will ever experience. It is only in this now, this moment, that we ever have the opportunity to experience the joy of being alive.

We can transcend the illusion of separation today. We can see and understand the role we play as the creator incarnate. There will never be a human being closer to the truth than you are now, for you are the thing itself. Creation personified. This you IS the fabric of creation. As you choose. The Father and I are One … now.

Take a moment when it presents itself to connect deeper with the act of creation. Catch yourself as you make new choices, literally sculpting the fabric of tomorrow, today. Take the time to contemplate this act of creation you are living. And then find the joy of conscious creation, getting excited about your potential expressed. What would a most fantastic future look like to you?

You are the place where experience happens. The universe is the canvas of all of creation. And it is through consciousness itself that the fruits of creation are harvested. Your consciousness is the place where the bounty of the Divine is harvested. It is for your joy that the universe exists. Thrust in your sickle, and create. Empower your dreams and desires as the creator expressing itself through you, as you.

Love yourself without condition or cause.

Love Love Love,



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