Creating a wonder-full life

It is coming either way. The future, that is. Whether we consciously seed it with the vision of what we want, or we are passive and do not consciously engage the process … either way, it will be here.

But we have a choice. And we have the power. To become more conscious about how we are interacting with the creative process is to consciously create the future that we prefer. The version of what might be, that can provide us with everything we need to live a beautiful life. The creative process is always on. 24/7. And you are seeding it right now. Like a memory foam mattress, the more we imprint an image, the more permanent it becomes. It is the patterned thinking and feelings that most define our vote for the future. And the mental and emotional imprinting in our own subconsciousness is what defines the patterns of our past. It is actually our karma itself. In order to have more say in what we can actually create in the future, we would do ourselves a world of good by clearing out our old karmic imprinting.

The truth has existed long before language. Long before karma. To completely understand the truth requires no language at all. Indeed, the more we throw language at it, the more we dilute its potential. The master wordsmith said it best with the simple line of … I Am that I Am.

When we go to create the future, one of the prominent influences in our own personal desires is the imprint of the collective consciousness and its mass media programming. There isn’t a lot of programming that genuinely honors our own authentic power and the possibilities it provides. But there is a source of inspiration available to you that does transcend the collective imprinting of our collective subconscious. And that is the inspiration of the heart.

Nature is an excellent example of a balanced system. If you spend time in nature, you will notice all the participants are at peace with themselves. It offers a very serene scene indeed. It is the template for us humans, for the ocean of peace that exists within you. And once you have connected with your pure authentic self, it gives you the serene place of peace from which all inspiration flows … which is to be still, and to know.

What would you love to do if everything in your life were fulfilled? If all barriers were erased, and you had the power to create whatever you desired? Getting clear about what that is, is the doorway to lasting happiness. Our soul is here in human form to create and express its passions and purpose. If we are lost in our minds, constantly worrying about what might happen, then we have lost our connection with our truth.

Get clear about who you are. What do you prefer? Spend all the time it takes to genuinely understand yourself, and you shall enjoy the future in an ever-evolving story of creation and expression.

To your passions and purpose!

Love You,



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