Discovering the cost of judgement

The idea of righteous living can be a very enslaving mindset. From the introduction of sin, there has been a deep karmic posture in the righteous movement of humanity. The notion of posturing ourselves to stay on the good side of God has been a deep scar of pain and suffering in our collective culture. Righteous has started war and motivated the desire to control others. The fear of falling out of God’s good grace is an idea that can bring a deep sense of fear of misbehaving.

When the notion of salvation was created, as a day of judgement in our entire existence, the idea of becoming separated from the Creator has been held over our heads by others. The idea that your behavior could possibly get you outcast from “proper” or “righteous” existence in the universe is perhaps one of the biggest crimes of humanity. This simple illusion has created untold suffering and abuse over countless generations.

To create a context of “proper” living is to create a bias of right and wrong, the foundation of sin and salvation. The light of the creator has cast a shadow to afford the understanding of what it is. The infinite field of possibilities has endless variations of what is possible to create. And our own human timeline has shown us just how far into the shadow our free will can take us. There is so much creation that has to happen before there is even a human condition to experience. You are a human being. There is DNA within you that defines your genetic history. Your parents brought together their own genetic history to afford a unique version of possibilities called You. And there is nothing in all of creation that is exactly like you now.

It is those individuals that can think outside the box that will heal the deeper scars of bias and separation that has taken us so far into the shadow. The language of damnation and purgatory has cast a shadow on our own personal sovereignty. The timeless nature of our sheer existence is the very canvas of expression. No Soul will ever be outcast by the Creator, for the universe is a hologram of the one mind. The fabric of creation is consciousness itself, love expressed through the fabric of consciousness. You are a point of expression of human consciousness. As such, you are the fabric of creation personified. What is the proper type of creation? What is the correct way of behaving? There is none.

As Rumi stated so clearly, “Both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love. Love has no cause.”

We are here in an ever-evolving story. The stories of courage and bravery could not have been told had we not had the perception of peril to weight ourselves against. The archetype of the warrior is the opportunity to experience the feelings of valor, bravery and triumph. How bold these experiences can be! What stories of human experience they afford us. There will be a day when wars no longer exist on the planet we call Earth. And the opportunity to challenge our sense of self will be lost with it. To take your own existence and wager it against a particular predicament affords the discovery of a deeper sense of what it means to be a human being.

When we try to corral our collective beliefs as being either good or bad, we are creating a karmic propensity of judgement and bias. To be able to give ourselves a total sense of personal sovereignty is to allow our true power the permission to express. It is a bold thing to allow your true power to shine forth, breaking the mold of what is thought possible in our human form. Indeed, there are infinite possibilities of creation within your own inspiration now. And to be able to recognize that, and then bring it into expression, is he seed of a brighter tomorrow, a point of inspiration that moves humanity closer toward heaven on earth.

Your heart knows a bold idea of who you are. To give it free reign over how your life unfolds awakens a source of personal power that is uncommon in our human society. Dare you be the one?

Love Love Love,



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