Embodying the Healthy Masculine

The masculine archetype is as old as man itself. History has endless stories of what man is capable of doing. Yet here we are at the doorway of a new chapter of our human potential. We are bringing a new story of what it means to be a healthy man.

Looking into the night sky, I am always filled with wonder. I know that each star holds the possibilities of new world paradigms. And I wonder where we are, here on Earth, in that human potential. For our story here on Earth has had eons of heartache and struggle. Our masculine thread has been riddled with war, violence and rage. There has also been extreme heroism and valor. Bravery beyond comprehension too. And a gentle side as well, with an open and loving heart. Compassionate hands and a strong, yet gentle, embrace of a hug from our fathers. Yet, where does all of this put the masculine persona here on earth?

When I was raised, there were so many messages from society as to what a man should be. There were countless clues about what is, and what isn’t, proper behavior for being a socially acceptable man. The image of manhood looked like a bold stance, broad shoulders and a head held high. A firm look that exuded confidence and control. To be a man was portrayed by actors like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Able to suppress our emotions and get the job done. We couldn’t have men break down and lose it in the heat of battle. It was very important to be strong, as the duties that were put on our masculine shoulders would require strength beyond comprehension. The archetype of soldier would have the masculine bear the heartbreaking pain of death, massacre and indifference.

I remember looking through the pictures taken of my own father. The early ones showed a happy and adventurous farm boy. Yet, there was a pain on my father’s face from the day I was born, that held the heartache and sorrow of fulfilling duty in the Second World War. My father served in the pacific campaign in World War II. In my innocence, I would ask him to share stories of what it was like to serve in the war. Only a few times did he actually share any depth to the sorrow within him. When I saw his face, as he shared gruesome stories of what battle was actually like, I saw such a deep wound in his psyche that always left me humbled.

I mention this because our story of what it means to be healthy masculine is about to change. And thank God for that. The days of war are numbered. The resolution of differences will no longer bring physical violence with it. The countless number of men in the wake of war is about to resolve and heal. We are entering a new era of what healthy masculine looks like. We are beginning to embrace a very glorious time of healing the scars of the past and are bringing a much healthier idea of what a man can be. For until we heal the whole of the masculine psyche, we will not be able to fully embody the truth of what healthy masculine looks like.

In the role of masculine and feminine, the masculine is about creation. The masculine is what creates in the physical realm. The feminine role is the inspiration, drawing the answer to the prayer or desire from the infinite field of potential. In that sense, it is the feminine that provides the seed. The idea of what is to be. The masculine takes that feminine inspiration and brings it into effect, creating in the physical realm the inspiration from the desire. The ability to create is the root of the masculine. And to totally embody that potential brings a deep sense of power. To master the art of creation is to trust oneself. The healthy masculine is centered in the truth. To know how to create affords a deeper sense of trust in the future.

To know the divinity of our current story is to trust in our role that we have to play out here on earth. As eternal souls, rediscovering our truth, we all are on a journey back to our origins, returning to the divine truth of who we are. When the healthy masculine knows the truth of who it is, there is nothing that can threaten it, as the truth cannot be destroyed. To anchor that truth in our vision of what is possible brings a sense of acceptance of the struggle to know oneself, an acceptance of those who do not yet understand who they really are. A healthy masculine has nothing to prove, for its worth is absolute. Whether that truth can be embodied or not is only a reflection of where the student is in the lessons of life. A deep sense of compassion for our masculine brethren is in order, for compassion provides a doorway to healing. To heal the scars of the past, and to follow that with an open heart, is to provide a major shift in the role of the healthy masculine. They are strong hands that hold the human story, with a clear vision of what Heaven on Earth would actually look like, as well as the creator personified, in the man who is actually bringing that about.

The new masculine is the embodiment of love, forgiveness and acceptance. It involves those who can see the stories that we are living today, and yet bring a sense of joy for tomorrow. A sense of trust in our outcome today. Feeling happy and blessed for making it though the storms of the past. And filling the future with the hope of our human potential realized. Healthy masculine embodies the builders of heaven in our future, while embodying the Divine today.

To the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Love and Light,



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