thinking outside the box


We came here for the Human experience What would it be like to … Nature, by its very nature, is never done. Ever. You are that nature expressing itself. The white picket fence idea that we were raised on (get an education, and a job, and now retire) is blasphemy at its finest. Institutionalized blasphemy. Your age is none of your business. You, as a soul incarnate, have no need for an assigned “age.” Your soul doesn’t ever reach a point where it “retires.” Unless perhaps, when we (completely) return to Source Consciousness. The narrative of the collective, that reduces the importance of people as they age, is perhaps a contributor to our folly. We are re-debating such fundamental aspects of BEing a human being. We have so much wisdom in our society, that is “offline.” I say this for two reasons. One, for the consideration of how we see…