Emotional Freedom

The (re) integration of your subconscious

So … what’s in your sub-conscious?

The very notion of “sub-conscious” is that we are not conscious of it. Off our radar.

Yet our subconscious can “shut down” whole arenas of choices. Without our awareness that it is happening. How can we consider ourselves powerful if there are aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of?

So, what is the difference between a very powerful person and, perhaps, a homeless person that is having a tough time just trying to get through the day?

The curious thing about working with consciousness … is that it is ethereal. Undetectable by our five senses. We can’t see our own thought processes as we go throughout our day. We can’t “see” what factors our subconscious is weighing with our every choice.

This can be a very big deal. Epic really. If, indeed, we are Divine BEings, we are without fear or limitations. But just look at the vast differences in personal experiences that humanity is living out here on planet Earth. There are the powerful folks, and there are the powerless folks. What gives?

To work with the subconscious is a bit of a mystery, really. It is, perhaps, like sprinkling flour on the kitchen floor … to see of you have been sleepwalking. How do you get a clearer understanding of your subconscious posturing?

For example, for myself, I had a very prominent emotion (anger) in my subconscious that was deciding so many of my choices. There were vast arenas of choices, and so the “answer” was an automatic no. In other words, there would be choices in my everyday life that MIGHT have brought me a completely different outcome, and yet, instantly the subconscious re-action was No. Not only no … but HELL no!

What would happen was a dance of sorts, between my ego and the unresolved emotions in my subconscious. At the time, my ego was very afraid of ANY choice that MIGHT, just MIGHT, arouse my anger. It is important to recognize that there was no logic or reason to this vetting process. If, IF, there was the slightest chance of anger being part of the outcome … the choice was “no way.”  All of this was happening below my conscious radar.

How can we embody our inherent power if we have these karmic propensities operating subconsciously? We can’t, really. Not until we re-integrate with our own subconscious. How do we do THAT?

Pay attention.

To become more mindful in the moment. To become the mindful observer in the mundane parts of our everyday life. And then, perhaps, to let our guard down. When we have protective mechanisms in place, we will have a default behavior. A default set of choices that we always choose.

To break that habit, is to not re-act the same way. To not “always choose” the same way. To interrupt the re-active pattern. Maybe you don’t like to argue. It makes you feel uncomfortable when an argument gets heated. You would much rather concede and let it go. If you allow yourself to choose differently, you will bump up against your emotional biases. You will find yourself getting triggered emotionally. And THAT is a gift.

When you feel your (emotional) energy shift, don’t re-act the same way. It will feel uncomfortable. But you are in a very powerful position. You can change your karmic posturing. As you stay in the newly aroused feeling, you give yourself the choice to “get heated” within an argument. If you open up the opportunity to “get heated” in your language, you just might find that you have a lot to say. You might find yourself talking about things you never would have talked about. All those suppressed thoughts and beliefs could actually find the light of day. And be released. Thus changing everything. Instead of accumulating karmic posturing/energy, you would have shifted to releasing your karmic posturing/energy. And THAT makes your whole future shift for the better. You are literally shifting your trajectory from moving further into the darkness/shadow to moving towards the light and into your freedom and power.

How cool is that?

Love You!



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