Emotional Freedom The (re) integration of your subconscious So … what’s in your sub-conscious? The very notion of “sub-conscious” is that we are not conscious of it. Off our radar. Yet our subconscious can “shut down” whole arenas of choices. Without our awareness that it is happening. How can we consider ourselves powerful if there are aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of? So, what is the difference between a very powerful person and, perhaps, a homeless person that is having a tough time just trying to get through the day? The curious thing about working with consciousness … is that it is ethereal. Undetectable by our five senses. We can’t see our own thought processes as we go throughout our day. We can’t “see” what factors our subconscious is weighing with our every choice. This can be a very big deal. Epic really. If, indeed, we are…