Calibrate your BS detector

There is the obvious and not so obvious

There is a massive movement of sorts going on. A transformation of our human condition.
Thank God ;- )

As part of our spiritual evolution, we can bump up against the truth. The BIG Truth, with a Capital T, and billions of little truths.

… it is done unto you as you believe.

That statement is truth with a big T. It is true for each and every one of the 7 billion people on the planet.

So, how many “truths” are there? And … are they all really true?

There has been war on this planet for so many generations. That is the truth. But … is it a truth that we want or that serves us? It is a little truth. In other words, it is a creation of our human demeanor. Our own human beliefs. Those people over there … are a threat to us. They are our enemy. We must destroy them to protect ourselves. We indeed created the war machines and sent them to destroy each other.

There is a pandemic on Earth and we are all under serious threat. Is that true? Your answer is correct if you indeed believe it.

Well, wait a minute. There are people dying of this pandemic. THAT is the truth damn it! OK.

But how did we get here? What if we went back 100 years or more … and completely changed the narrative that we followed up ’til now. What if 100 percent of us were healthy and fit. What if all of us honed our bodies to be vibrant and alive? Where perhaps we focused on the health and wisdom of the innate ability for our bodies to adapt to new threats? Where we automatically built up our immune systems by listening to the wisdom of our own bodies? The current pandemic metrics for that group of people are extremely small.

Didn’t Jesus walk into a leper colony and heal them without taking on the disease himself? Didn’t He heal the sick? Didn’t He raise the dead? Didn’t He say that we will do everything that He has done … and more? What is more powerful? The pandemic, or our own Divinity? Don’t tell me … it is done unto you as you believe. Whichever one you choose … so shall it be (for you).

Please choose whatever you want. You will do just that no matter what I say. Your “chooser” is inside of you. I can influence it, perhaps. But what it actually does is all within your own domain. This is the root of personal sovereignty. You can give away your personal power. And you can always retrieve it too. The truth of you is absolute and timeless.

Although I chose the pandemic to make a point, there are literally hundreds of beliefs that are getting exposed. Perhaps many more than that. We are being shown very old belief systems. All of society is being turned on its head.

The year 2020, although it was very tough for so many people, also brought us some very valuable gifts of sorts. For rattling our metaphorical cage. Both individually and collectively. For making us look at ourselves in ways we never would have chosen in a “normal” environment. There are some very prominent issues on the world stage that are playing out. I could talk about them at length. But I would only be sharing my beliefs. I suggest that you DO hone your own BS detector in any way that resonates with your own heart.

It seems probable that there will be many narratives that will be pushed on us collectively. And it will be up to us to decide what we actually choose … and thus create.

I envision a healthy vibrant culture. Where peace and prosperity for all abounds. A Heaven on Earth. That is how I choose to “spend” my beliefs. Ask … and it is given.

Love You



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