If I do your homework for you … you will never…
You chose to come here at this time

Imagine, if you will, if you never got past gravity. What I mean is that you never learned how to walk. To stand upright. To run, skip or dance.

Gravity didn’t care about the outcome. You could have chosen either way. Karma is a lot like that too.

The principles of karma are timeless. Timeless and impersonal. Just think about it … there are over seven billion variations of karma playing out on the planet right now. Seven billion people, each with their own unique karmic disposition. And karma, as a whole, doesn’t care how any of it turns out.

Karma, by its very nature, has a momentum to it. A propensity, if you will. A probability that a particular type of outcome will play out. You might think of karma as the past influencing the present.

Have you ever heard someone say something to the effect of … my last three husbands (or my last three wives) have all abandoned me. Or perhaps you know someone who can’t hold down a job. Always blaming something as to why they have lost their job (yet again). These examples are just the more obvious ones. Perhaps it is easier to see the patterns behind them. But the vast majority of our subconscious is very active, in a subconscious way, all throughout our day.

But, for myself, some of my biggest karmic lessons laid dormant within me. For decades, really. That is the curious thing about our subconscious. Most of our karma isn’t worn on our sleeves. We don’t, overall, display our subconscious tendencies, in our day-to-day lives. We don’t see, for example, the betrayal in our partners until the karma plays out. Our own subconscious imprinting that says we are not worthy of respect, love or appreciation. So we attract to us our karmic teachers. Everyone outside of you, that elicits a triggered re-action or response, is reflecting your own energy back to you. You cannot be triggered unless you have the energy behind it in your subconscious. Anyone who can trigger you is a karmic teacher in the moment.

Your homework is to discover the energy behind the karmic transaction, and release it from your personal energy persona. If you do not release it, you will not get past it. It will remain a karmic reflection, reflecting back to you from the quantum mirror.

The effect of the karma in our subconscious is found in our wake. The wake we leave as we live our lives. As we live out our subconscious karmic tendencies or momentum.

We bump up against our karma as we experience life. At the quantum level, nothing has meaning assigned to it. The reflection of a mirror is of no concern to the mirror itself. In other words, it is done unto you as you believe. Your beliefs assign the value.

You can change your experience of your karma … in an instant.

When the cosmic 2×4 cracked me open, an immense amount of anger came flowing out of my subconscious. I distinctly remember, asking in a startled sort of way, who (or what) the hell are you?! The anger didn’t have a preference. The energy flowing out of my body didn’t have an assigned re-action to it. In other words, the anger was a specific feeling or vibration, and how I experienced it … was up to me.

Before that moment, I had avoided ANY feelings of anger. I had subconsciously avoided any decision(s) or action(s) that might, just might, stir up any feelings of anger within me. I was subconsciously avoiding so many things, and it all felt very normal to me. Never stand up for myself. Never enter an argument with my spouse. Never do anything that might bring about an angry response.

Now, when I feel anger, I recognize there is something about my experience that I do not prefer. I recognize the power of the anger energy, as the fuel I can use to make the changes. Never projecting it on others, but rather, using it as motivation to make changes in my life. Anger is a secondary emotion. Where there is a root emotion that triggered the anger.

For example, yet again, I didn’t stand up for myself. The root emotion is one of self-betrayal or self-sabotage. And the response to having done that to myself, as an example, is for me to get angry with myself. The anger is showing me that … Oh … I did it again.

Once you start cleaning up your karmic imprinting, you find fewer and fewer things bother you. You feel freer. You feel liberated. And you raise your frequency. Moving into higher octaves of human evolution. You learn how to walk, so to speak. You master the effects of karma. You learn the karmic lessons quicker and quicker. Life gets easier and easier. Without end.

Your soul chose to come here and learn the karmic lessons before you now. Nobody can learn it for you. You got this!

Love You!




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