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This is an in depth discussion about emotions. What emotions are. The idea of good and bad emotions. The mechanics of emotions. How emotions can karmically connect us with the collective consciousness of humanity. How emotions can show up in our relationships. And how to heal our relationship with our emotions. More than an hour of in depth discussion.

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Emotions: An audio discussion

Left unchecked, we can easily be subconsciously controlled by our emotions. Finding ourselves stuck in habitual emotional re-actions. This audio is an in depth discussion that talks about our emotions. What emotions are. How we can get stuck in our emotions. A look at the mechanics of emotions. And how emotions can affect our relationships.

65 minutes. MP3 File. Electronic download.


So many people are experiencing emotional struggles during these challenging times. Some are finding their emotions come up while they spend so much time at home. Others find themselves getting emotionally upset by the events of the world. Founder Les Jensen talks about our emotions and what we can do about them.

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  1. Tom Cockley

    I recently ordered Les Jensen’s Emotions audio download. It was very informative and the fact that it was an audio download I was able to make notations at various timelines that allow me to go back and review the specifics that I found were very helpful for me. The audio helped me feel my emotions and to feel how my emotions felt. This is an excellent audio and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to get in touch with their emotions.

    Tom Cockley

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