Personal Power Fundamentals (PDF)


Start your journey of discovering the truth of who YOU are. Learn how to reach a destination of living life from a place of Personal Power Fundamentals.

Electronic download in PDF format.
106 pages.

Each of us has our own unique karmic experience. For those of us who understand the principles of how we take on karma and its effects, we can actually change these experiences and how they play out. And we can learn how to remove our karma.

Personal Power Fundamentals teaches you the fundamentals of how to reach the authentic core of who you really are. This course takes a simple approach to karma and how you can master it in your own life.

Table of Contents and a few samples.

Are you ready to align with your authentic truth?

Are you in the midst of a life transition and looking to discover your next path in life?

Are you exhausted from doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results?

Do you wish to embark upon a career that represents your passion and purpose, and really makes your heart sing with joy?

Would you like to give your children the gift of unique tools they can learn early in life to set them up for balance and success in all areas of their lives?

Do you home-school? How about adding teaching topics that are a major influence in everyone’s life, such as Karma, and Power?

Order a download of Personal Power Fundamentals so that you can start on your path of personal transformation.

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