Natural Healing with Marie D. Jones

August 3, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Marie D. Jones, for a show on Natural Healing: Your Complete Guide to Natural Remedies and Mindful Well-Being.

A healthy body, a nimble mind, and a feeling of ease are universal goals, but we’re bombarded with unrealistic body images, sold all manner of processed food, and prone to synthetic cure-alls to fix all sorts of maladies. During this time of hardship and stress, getting back to natural cures and balanced living might bring some needed relief! From herbs, oils and vitamins to yoga, healing remedies and belly laughs, Natural Health: Your Complete Guide to Natural Remedies and Mindful Well-Being, explores hundreds of ancient remedies, natural therapies, and nature’s medicine cabinet. This comprehensive guide to nature-based health and well-being includes the most current knowledge, information, and science behind a natural diet and lifestyle to promote wellness.

Marie D. Jones is the author of over 20 nonfiction books, including Visible Ink Press’ Earth Magic: Your Complete Guide to Natural Spells, Potions, Plants, Herbs, Witchcraft, and More; The New Witch: Your Guide to Modern Witchcraft, Wicca, Spells, Potions, Magic, and More; and Disinformation and You: Identify Propaganda and Manipulation. A former radio show host herself, she has been interviewed on more than two thousand radio programs worldwide, including Coast-to-Coast AM, The Shirley MacLaine Show, and Midnight in the Desert. She has also been interviewed for and contributed to dozens of print and online publications.

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