A Mother’s Journey Through the Death of Her Daughter with Sariah Ellsmore

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May 25, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Sariah Ellsmore, for a show on Sunn: A Mothers Intimate Journey Through the Death of Her 19 Year Old Daughter. We all know that life can change in an instant. One moment life is bustling with progress and promise, goals and plans are being made, and then a single second changes everything. This story is about a grieving mother's journey to find answers to life's biggest questions after suddenly and tragically losing her teenage daughter.

Sariah courageously shares her raw emotions in this heartfelt compilation of journal and blog entries during the first year of her grieving. With every challenge in her process, Sariah finds new ways to not only make it through the day but to continue to thrive and follow her path, even when things feel impossible. To her surprise, she begins a beautiful and healing dialogue with her newly departed daughter, Juliana Sunn. This book will help those experiencing loss to look beyond their unbearable pain for signs that their loved ones are still around, and showcases the awe that occurs in the healing process.

Author Sariah Ellsmore is first and foremost a mother of four and a lover of life. Commercial helicopter pilot and owner of the SE School of Movement, she has studied at Utah State University, Pacific School of Massage, and Palm Beach Helicopters. She enjoys spending time with her grown children, learning, traveling, flying, aerial art, performing, painting, and the great outdoors. Sariah is a fulltime RV traveler and travels the country connecting with many beautiful people and places and considers herself a resident of all of the US. She has challenged herself to write daily after the death of her daughter. The result is three books within three years, all released by the death date. Her other books include Year Two and 2017. Sariah is currently working on her fourth book.

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