How Our New Earth Is Being Birthed with Maria Nyegaard

July 13, 2022

Please join us and our guest, Maria Nyegaard, for a show on How Our New Earth Is Being Birthed. During the show, Maria will discuss how we can all consciously contribute to creating a New Earth, where New Earth templates, 5th dimensional qualities for living and creating, are the basis for our new operating system/“software”.

Maria is specialized in how to use sound, vibration and light language to reprogram, heal, activate and create. She has seven years of higher education (psychology, physiotherapy, international marketing and leadership). Maria was involved in corporate business management until 2015, when Human Liberation was created. In 2018 it was renamed Living on New Earth, as a natural consequence of her personal journey.

Maria is an ascension guide, with monthly trainings and navigation (healing, reprogramming, activation through the three stages: awakening phase, liberation phase, and embodiment phase). She is a bringer of freedom codes and new earth templates through light language and sound, and crystal bowls. Maria is an embodied wayshower, channel, star anchor and grid worker. Learn more at

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