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Your Soul knows the Way

There is a timeless story that is playing out in your life. You have been here before. We have all been. Here we are, living the human experience. With our sense of self embedded in our human nature. But the bigger truth is that we are Souls. Souls, by their knowledge of the truth, have no fear. They are timeless beings without fear or limitations. Both fear and limitations are a human byproduct. Fear and limitations show up as our human ego enters the shadow, and as we separate ourselves from the truth. That is the journey itself. To know the truth, and then to go into separation and ignorance. To embody the shadow.

But the really cool things is that a reunion is possible. A reunion of sorts. We are already Souls. And we are already Human. But our human sense of perspective is where the separation is found. Where the limitations are found. It is our human nature that holds the shadow within ourselves. But it is possible to embody your Soul. To embody your truth, while you are living this human experience. And as you embody your Soul, the vision of your life expands. There is a sense of peace that follows as well. It feels like home here. Because it is. To know the truth of you, while you are living this human experience, changes everything. The truth shall set you free. Free of limitations. Free from fear of death. To understand you are a timeless being that cannot be destroyed, ever. That you are a point of presence of the One. The creator itself, incarnated as You.

There is a process to the art of creation. Creation is happening in every moment. The flow of inspiration into form. Creation itself. Here you are, living your life story. Your own personal journey as a Soul incarnate. Your human self poised to embody the truth. For those of us who want to know the truth, there is a pathway there. You are the thing itself. A point of presence. A doorway of sorts. A limitless Soul personified as this Human called You. And Your Soul would most gladly feed you inspiration that would break open your understanding of the truth. Setting yourself free. Opening your life storyline into limitless realms of creation.

To embody your Soul is to purify your personal energy persona. Your karma is the energy of separation. Your karma is the embodiment of limitations. If you are to know the truth, you must move into alignment with the truth. The truth of the truth is that its nature is timeless. It comes into perspective as we reach purity in our own personal energy persona. The truth will set you free. And it is waiting. Awaiting our return to it.

Love and Light,


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