Transparency: There's Nothing to Hide & There Never Has Been with Brooklin Rayne

June 2, 2021

Please join us and our guest, Brooklin Rayne, for a show on Transparency: There’s Nothing to Hide and There Never Has Been. During this discussion, Brooklin will share channeled wisdom and tools on the power of transmuting the layers of illusion that have led us to believe that there exists any soul fragment throughout all space and time that is unworthy of our complete unconditional love, compassion and embrace.

Brooklin is an intuitive channel, cosmic heart oracle, and quantum healer. She has experienced many incarnations with the Sophia Christ collective, Lyran Sirian Whites, Oraphim, Ancient Pleiadians, and Hathors. Through her diamond sun crystal structure, she assists humans to return their original divine blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence and Unity consciousness. To learn more visit

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