Transforming Through Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Healing with Sharon Shores

December 12, 2018

Please join us and our guest, Sharon Shores, for a show on transformation through emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Sharon is a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Life Transformation Coach, Medical Intuitive and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She works with clients with amazing results doing her medical intuitive and Emotion Code and Body Code Practice. She also works as a coach helping people transform their lives through her coaching.

Sharon serves clients via phone. She is active in her community and has served in the recent past as President of her homeowner's association as well as President of a 39-member business leads group. She was also a Success Coach for 5 leads groups. She currently serves on the Saint George Interfaith Council, as well in her spiritual community, and is active in the business community.

Sharon’s lifework includes being an educator, a health professional, a business owner, a writer, and a speaker. In 2014 she was voted by the Denver business community as Connection Maker of the Year. She has been a lifelong learner of the Spiritual Principles that guide and create our lives, reading and studying great thinkers and leaders.

Sharon lives in the St. George, Utah area with her husband Dennis. She has one daughter and two grandchildren, and enjoys hiking, biking, reading, golfing and kayaking! To learn more visit

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