The Wisdom of Wildness with Ren Hurst

March 8, 2023

Please join us and our guest, Ren Hurst, for a show on The Wisdom of Wildness: Healing the Trauma of Domestication. How can we reclaim our wild soul and approach life with authenticity and emotional maturity? Looking deeply into the nature of domestication and humanity’s relationship to other animals, Ren finds our own domestication—and our resultant disconnection from nature—to be the root trauma for much of the human experience, which we seem to perpetuate by domesticating others. Ren offers another path: she reverse-engineered the conditioning process that leads to domestication and discovered a practical road map for deprogramming and undomesticating yourself in order to heal, restore connection, and reclaim the innate wisdom of wildness within. Sharing enlightening moments from her journey with a half-wild husky, Denali, The Wisdom of Wildness shows how only when emotional awareness and authentic leadership link in with your own wild parts can an authentic relationship between human and animal—or between oneself and another person—be possible.

Ren Hurst is an author, mentor, tracker, and guide helping people address the trauma of domestication. After 20 years of being a professional horsewoman, Ren produced a transformative body of work called Sanctuary13 to help people restore connection to their most authentic, wild human animal nature. Ren unveils 13 principles of unconditional love for deprogramming yourself, healing the trauma of domestication, and reviving deep connection to inner guidance, your wild soul, and ultimately, freedom. Ren lives in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more at

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